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What makes INFUSE theory unique?


Our curriculum has been applied and proven successful in the field for years. The foundation of INFUSE theory is built on passion, personal, and professional experiences with a keen understanding of what makes or breaks people in sales or leadership roles.

What will I get out of my INFUSE theory classes?


The experience of participating in an INFUSE theory class with other sales leaders will provide you with the opportunity to network, learn from others, and receive real-time feedback. We will work to improve key interpersonal business skills such as active listening, engagement through body language, and confidence through eye contact.

What should I expect upon signing up?


One word…RESULTS! Your success is our number one priority.  Expect to receive problem-solving feedback with training that is transferable and sustainable.

What if I cannot attend my one-on-one consultation session?


We are flexible with rescheduling for another session. Refunds are not offered.

What are your areas of expertise?


Listening, observing, and strategizing with you on how to enhance your leadership and drive greater sales is our strength. We understand that everyone learns differently which is the reason why we provide various training forums. Providing honest and constructive feedback allows our clients to make proactive adjustments that are necessary for personal and professional growth.

What is your approach to training?


We start by diving into your story and overall mindset. Our goal is to work with you in shaping your career mindset so that it transcends optimism, gratitude, hope, and confidence along with specialized tools that are guaranteed to increase your productivity. Next, we create a plan to develop the best practices that will become the foundation for you to excel in your career and positively impacting others in your business network and team.

What if I cannot attend my class courses?


100% refund is given if cancelation is requested within 30 days or more for classroom enrollment. 50% refund or a one time courtesy rescheduling offer if cancelation is requested less than 30 days for classroom enrollment.

Where should I park when attending an in-person class?


Street parking is available or upon validation a discounted rate of $14.00 per day for undercover parking