Become an INFUSE theory Mentor

  • Are you passionate about helping by impacting others?
  • Do you care more about others than your personal gain?
  • Are you seeking to expand your business network?
  • Are you ready to influence more than your circle?


On a daily basis we listen, educate, problem solve, encourage and drive our clients one step further towards achieving their professional goals. Over 80% of people entering sales requiring licenses fail within their first five years. Countless people are placed in leadership roles not because they have been trained to effectively lead but because they were strong individual producers now responsible for developing others.


Why reinvent the wheel?

Becoming an INFUSE theory mentor is for leaders that have demonstrated consistency, growth and impact within their chosen industry. Utilizing patented INFUSE theory presentations along with channeling unique personal experiences and charisma, we work together to deliver explosive growth!


The role of an INFUSE theory Business Development Mentor is to be an influential strategic thinker based on personal experiences in roles of leadership, sales and management. We are seeking partners that can motivate by driving greater responsibility needed towards our clients’ daily behaviors to achieve their goals.


Selected INFUSE theory mentors will:

  • Be trained on our promise and process
  • Utilize INFUSE theory coaching materials on selected topics
  • Represent our selected mentors circle
  • Be impacted in how you are impacting others


Learn more about our INFUSE theory mentor program, by visiting our Coaching section..

Are you ready to be an INFUSE theory Mentor?

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