Maryam Habashi: Mentor/Founder

I am a coach and mentor for professionals seeking something more in their careers and businesses. My passion is challenging you to look inward and find a winning strategy that I help customize to fit your individual strengths. I believe that one’s success is connected to personal growth which must continue to evolve. Even if you have been successful in your career, and seek to sustain it, you must be able to adapt and evolve continuously with ongoing changes affecting the business world.

My Experience

It’s this evolution that has guided me personally. My professional roadmap continues to be a journey and one that reflects success. I was the first female Regional Director after a century in business for a Fortune 500 company, Bankers Life and Casualty. In 2014, had the opportunity to co-author “Pure Wealth: 26 Ways to Crazy Profitability” wherein chapter one I discuss “What is takes to WIN.” Next, the President and CEO of Sterling Wealth Strategies powered by Penn Mutual, a Fortune 100 company.

The Importance of Mentors

I credit the larger part of my professional success to the guidance I received from other successful leaders, mentors, and peers. My hope is that in sharing my personal experience and approach towards professional growth, that I can help guide you in your own journey for success.

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